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In view of the constant evolution of the customs filed, the knowledge and training in this area, albeit limited to its essential characteristics, is the best safeguard against possible risks related to customs operations .

C-TRADE, thanks to the many years of experience of its founding partners and staff, is able to provide customer tailored training solutions, from the basic principles governing each customs-related concept, to regulatory analysis, administrative interpretation, and construction based on case law.

We have provided more than 500 hours of training in the customs field each year to companies, partner companies and trade associations.


Different materials for different types of clients, in-depth analyses and interpretation of legislation and case law, operational summaries and case studies: an answer to all your needs.

Besides consulting our insights, you can fill in our registration form, get the program of our courses, and view the content reserved for C-TRADE users, i.e. operating manuals, customs management guides, and much more.

Fill in the contact form and get the following materials:

– General principles of taxation related to foreign trade

– Export sales and import VAT

– The system of intra-Union trade and the intrastat

– VAT warehousing

– AEO certification: about competitive advantages in this business area

– From the Community Customs Code to the Union Customs Code

– Internationalisation of enterprises and customs planning

– Evolutionary trends in the Union case law (“on the merits” and Supreme-Court)


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